6 Terrorists arrested: Delhi Police Special Cell

The Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested 6 Terrorists , including two allegedly trained by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), with officials claiming that the intelligence agency was working with Dawood Ibrahim’s brother to plan attacks during the festival season in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

“Two of the accused, Osama and Zeeshan, got training this year in Pakistan and were getting instructions from the ISI. They were asked to conduct recce of suitable locations in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh for planting IEDs,” he said.

Special CP (Special Cell) Neeraj Thakur said, “We have arrested Jaan Mohammed Sheikh , a resident of Maharashtra; Osama alias Sami , a resident of Jamia Nagar; Moolchand alias Saaju , a resident of Rae Bareli; Zeeshan Qamar , a resident of Allahabad; Mohd Abu Bakar , a resident of Bahraich; and Mohd Amir Javed , a resident of Lucknow.”

6 ISI-trained Terrorists Arrested in Delhi

6 ISI-trained Terrorists, Who Were Planning IED Blasts, Arrested by Delhi Police  

Commissioner of Police Special Cell Neeraj Thakur during the press conference said, “The arrests were made on intel inputs. We have arrested a total of six Bengali-speaking persons. The arrested were planning to execute a series of bomb blasts in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh during the festive season.”

The commissioner of police further said that they received inputs that around 15 Bengali-speaking men have been trained to make and blast improvised explosive devices (IED) by ISI in Pakistan and have returned to India to carry out blasts in the country especially in the national capital, Delhi.

“The duo were conducting recce of various government and public places in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, where they had planned to plant the IEDs. We have also recovered explosive materials and arms and ammunition from the arrested,” added Thakur.

Thakur further said that the ISI has provided explosive material, along with arms and ammunition to the arrested. The materials supplied to the arrested by the ISI to carry out terrorist attacks in India included RDX-based IEDs, grenades, pistols and cartridges.

“During questioning, we learnt that Osama and Zeeshan have been trained in Pakistan and were taking direct instructions from their handlers in Pakistan,” added the officer.

Thakur further said that during their investigation, they have learnt that two terrorists had managed to get to Pakistan via Muscat.

All Kashmiri Hindus are not Kashmiri Pandits

Not all Kashmiri Hindus are Kashmiri Pandits, the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh said in a significant judgment on Tuesday, dismissing a petition that sought to include Kashmiri Hindus in a government recruitment drive. The ruling has dismayed the Pandit community and its leaders have vowed to appeal against it.

“Kashmiri Pandits is a separately identifiable community distinct from other Hindus residing in the Valley like Rajputs, Brahmins other than Kashmiri Pandits, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and many others,” said Justice Sanjeev Kumar.

Kashmiri Pandits to take up genocide community at UN

The court maintained that Kashmiri Pandit is a community of Kashmiri-speaking Brahmins living in the regions for generations and are distinctly identified by their dress, customs, and traditions.



Setting another record, UP’s coronavirus vaccination coverage breached the 9-crore mark on Wednesday. The state has administered a total of 9.01 crore vaccine doses so far since the launch of the nationwide vaccination drive in January.

Queues outside COVID 19 vaccination centers in UP’ s Noida

Uttar Pradesh took almost 100 days to touch the figure of one crore. It then took 45 days to cross the 2-crore mark and 59 more days to reach 5 crore. The state then took 14 days to reach 6 crore and then 11 more days to cross 7-crore vaccinations on August 28. It just took 9 more days to go past the 8-crore mark on September 7.

Maharashtra, meanwhile, lags behind with 6.97 crore doses delivered so far. The vaccination numbers in Rajasthan stand at 5.10 crore, West Bengal has vaccinated around 4.84 crore people, in Tamil Nadu only 4.04 crore vaccine doses have been given, while Kerala has administered only 3.22 crores doses.

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