Farmers protests , Afghan Family’s relatives Killed

The makeshift tents stretch for kilometres on end. This sprawling camp set up in protest nearly 10 months ago is fully entrenched. Here, the rhythm of life continues for hundreds of India’s farmers their mere presence a sign of defiance protesting full-time against the country’s new farming laws they say will ruin livelihoods and crush small farms. That’s just fine by Mahender Changer 90 years old and living in a small tent with nine others. This is my life now, he says. I’ll give everything until we win this fight to repeal the law. The movement is now bolstered by a recent sit-in in India’s Haryana state. The farmers livid that a previous protest turned violent. They rallied and got what they wanted: a promised investigation   into what happened. Dalwinder Singh was at the sit-in and calls it a key victory. We got justice, he says. It comes as the farmers are again mobilizing fully rejecting the argument from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the laws are needed to modernize the industry that farmers will be better off. And so signs of a political showdown are crystallizing after the largest farmer rally yet in a crucial spot: Uttar Pradesh India’s most populous state, largely agricultural where an election takes place early next year. At the protest site, it’s all this organizing group can talk about as they plot next steps. We see that the BJP, Modi’s party, is running scared, she says and we will campaign against them. With five months until that state election some say time is on the farmers’ side. For the first time, farmers will be a major factor and a major pressure cooker in the elections. A sign of the farmers’ potential political heft even in the midst of a pandemic these protests are very much a thorn in the Modi government’s side. Salimah Shivji, CBC News, Delhi.

Afghan Family’s relatives Killed In US Strike Want Face-To-Face Apology

Ezmarai Ahmadi was wrongly identified as an Islamic State terrorist by US intelligence, which tracked his white Toyota for eight hours on August 29 before targeting the car with a missile, killing seven children and three adults.

A top general admitted the attack was an error, and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin apologised to the relatives of those killed.

However, Ahmadi’s 22-year-old nephew, Farshad Haidari, said that was not enough.

“They must come here and apologise to us face-to-face,” he told AFP in a bombed-out, modest house in Kwaja Burga, a densely populated neighbourhood in the northwest of the Afghan capital.

Relatives Of Afghan Family Killed In US Strike Want Face-To-Face Apology
Ten members of an Afghan family were killed in a US strike.

Kabul, Afghanistan:  Relatives of the victims of a US drone strike that wiped out 10 members of an Afghan family in a “tragic mistake” demanded a face-to-face apology and compensation on Saturday.

Ezmarai Ahmadi was wrongly identified as an Islamic State terrorist by US intelligence, which tracked his white Toyota for eight hours on August 29 before targeting the car with a missile, killing seven children and three adults.

Haidari added that he wanted officials to “capture and prosecute” those responsible for firing the missile.

“Most of them had worked with Americans,” Haidari said. “Naser had worked with Americans for about 10 years. My uncle had also worked with international organisations.”

At the time of his death Ahmadi was working for a US aid group.

Haidari said all the victims had received evacuation papers and had hoped to go to the United States soon, like many Afghans eager to flee newly Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

America have must compensate

“We now know that there was no connection between Mr. Ahmadi and ISIS-Khorasan,” said Austin.

Ahmadi’s brother Aimal, whose three-year-old daughter Maleka died in the attack, said “America must compensate”.

“Today it was good news for us that United States officially admitted that they had attacked innocents civilians,” he said. “Our innocence has been proven.

Defense secretary Austin said Ahmadi’s activities that day were “completely harmless”, and that the man was “just as innocent a victim as were the others tragically killed”.

Congress Launches Campaign To Appoint Media Team In UP


Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress has launched a campaign to appoint party spokespersons and media coordinators in different districts of the state.

Candidates will have to clear a written and oral examination to be selected for the posts, party officials said.

Anyone who feels committed to the Constitution of the country and the politics of the Congress party and can effectively put them before the public can become a part of this campaign, he added.

Mr Srivastava said a district-level written and oral examination will be held for both posts and the dates will be announced soon.

As part of the campaign, ”Bane Congress ki Awaaz” (Become the voice of Congress), a team of Congress leaders will visit different districts to select potential spokespersons and media coordinators, Pankaj Srivastava, vice chairman of Media and Communication Department of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, said on Saturday.

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